18 Months = 1 1/2 Years!

Little Boy,

You are not so little anymore.

You are busy…busy running, jumping, climbing, throwing everything in sight, and learning.

You know your colors- red, blue, yellow, green, brown, black, purple, pink, white, yellow, orange, lots!

You can count to three 🙂

You are trying SO hard to really, really talk.

You answer with the world’s sweetest “uh huh” most of the time.

You answer with “no” and a shake of your head the rest of the time.

You love to eat chicken, all kinds of fruit, cucumbers, corn & carrots.

You are the best little companion.

You love being outside more than just about anything in the world.

You give the BEST kisses- really slobbery ones.

You are still such a good sleeper! (thank you for that!)

You are a year and a half old…and I can.not.believe.it!

You are a blessing.

Every whine, every laugh, every tear, every tickle, every touch of those sweet hands, every slobbery kiss, every everything with you is better than I imagined. I mean it. Even when it seems like I don’t- I do! I love you Elijah!



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