Bracket-less. Phew!

Nathan and I fill out brackets every year, and we compete to see whose bracket is better. Every year, except one maybe, that we’ve been together, mine has won. What can I say? I’m a natural 😉 (He would want me to make a disclaimer: this is only counting the ONE bracket that he makes to compete with me…not the ten others that he submits to ESPN, keeps laying around for comparison, or fills out “just for fun” for himself. Seriously. I’m not kidding.)

Well, this year we had SO much going on this past week that we looked at each other and said, “Let’s just not do brackets this year.” Yeah, I was that tired and lazy…too lazy to pick up a pencil and write a few team names. Pathetic.

Boy am I glad.

Because bracketologists, both professional and you people at home with highlighters, are dumbfounded, speechless, shocked…you get the point. Brackets are burnt, and some hopeful Cinderellas are trying on their slippers.

I think it was meant to be. Because the competitors in us both would have been going ca-razy!

Crazy March.

And my day has been just as crazy. Everything that could change or disrupt my plans pretty much did… So here’s hoping tomorrow has some level of stability. For my sake or the sake of the NCAA.

For the love of basketball!

(too much? ok. I’m done.)



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