Be Sober, Be Vigilant

I literally had tears in my eyes as I read this article:

“Killing Babies is no Different than Abortion”

Surely these people cannot know the fierce love of a mother carrying a child inside of her very self.

Surely they cannot have felt the intense pain of a woman who cannot carry a child, yet longs to have one of her own.

Surely their arms have never felt the warmth of a swaddled baby.

Surely they have never stood over the crib of a sleeping baby and marvelled as that small little chest rises and falls effortlessly.

Surely they have never been the recipient of a slobbery kiss, or jumped with joy at the sound of that first “Mama.”

They cannot know. They must not. How could they possibly know these things and still be ok with taking these lives? 

Just in case you were thinking this world is a safe, “basically good,” place… Be on guard. The Devil is hard at work. He is attacking the most innocent, those who have the faith that Christ commended…

…the faith of a child.   



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