Pins & Friends to the Rescue!

I have found that if I have Pinterest and a few good friends, I can make it through just about anything :).

Maybe I should reverse that for priorities’ sake… friends, THEN Pinterest.

I spent a few years of my life at a Christian school a few hours from here- a school very near and dear to my heart. At that school, we had bake sales often. And inevitably, if they wanted to be successful, whoever was hosting the bake sale had pizza for sale. Pizza from Pizza Inn.

Not JUST pizza though- as in pepperoni, bacon, cheese, sauce…

Dessert Pizza.

Oh yes.

And this famed dessert pizza was not fruity, cinnamony, or glaze-y.

It was chocolate-y. Duh. It is called “dessert pizza,” and I have spent 24+ years trying to convince people that dessert=chocolate.

Well, my Dad, bless his soul, he really does love me, but he moved me away from that school, and thus away from that dessert pizza. I mourned the loss of my friends and that dessert pizza (see there? I got the priorities in the right order that time! booyah!)

Several years later, after a failed attempt or two to re-create this dessert at home, I began scouring the internet for a Pizza Inn nearby. According to the internet, there was a Pizza Inn located about 30 minutes from our home. According to the dessert pizza at said “Pizza Inn,” there was some sort of mistake. Fail.

Then, I realized that there was a Pizza Inn on our way to our beach condo. It looked like the Pizza Inn I remembered, the regular pizza was a dead-ringer, and the dessert pizza was gross. Fail.

I had given up hope.

<Enter a dear, dear friend & Pinterest.>

My sweet friend Anna heard my cry…literally. I was whining to a friend on facebook talking about how I SO missed this dessert, and she pointed me to a recipe on her Pinterest page that she said was a close match.

Well, she was right! It may be that I haven’t had the “real deal” in years, but I honestly think that this version tastes JUST like my memory of this delicious pizzert.

So, I figured I should document it. In thanks to both Anna & Pinterest.

They both came to my rescue on this one.

Years of cravings resolved.


Mock Pizza Inn Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza 

1 – 9 oz. Jiffy Brand Yellow Cake Mix

The Cake Mix to Look For

1 Stick of Butter 

1 – Pillsbury Thin Pizza Crust

Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 400°. Grease a small round pizza pan. Melt stick of butter. Add cake mix to butter, and stir until well mixed. Spread pizza crust out onto pan. Pour topping over crust, and sprinkle with chocolate chips (Just determine the amount to your liking.) Bake for 11-14 minutes until lightly golden brown.

*I pressed the rectangular crust onto my round pan, but this caused the crust to be slightly more thick than I like. Next time, I will just make my pizza on a rectangular pan.*  

Baking Away!

Oh. Yes. Please.


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