Is it Politicking- Or Just Plain Ticking People Off?

I despise politics- or I suppose what I mean is that I hate the mudslinging and degradation of human beings that comes under the guise of politics.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about politics. We had somewhat different views, as is typical of just about any two people who talk “politics.”

We were discussing the “mainstream” media, and how it just seems, to us, to be biased, and often missing information that seems relevant or important.

Then it hit me.

“Go against the flow.”

The phrase “go against the flow” is directly contradictory to the term “mainstream.”


As a believer, we are called to be different. We are called to do what is right, regardless of what others are doing. We are called to represent our Lord in every aspect of our lives.

We were never called to be “mainstream.” Christ never instructed his disciples to do their best to appeal to the masses, to appease the crowds, or to make everyone happy.

Truth, God’s Word is divisive- like a double-edged sword to be exact (Heb. 4:12.) If we believe truth, and desire to see truth lived by, our beliefs and opinions are going to be divisive.

Our opinions will more than likely NOT be mainstream.

The candidate who appeals to the masses, understanding that our masses are not usually God-fearing, most likely ought not appeal to me.

It is OK, even desirable, to not be mainstream.

Have beliefs, know the reason for your beliefs, and don’t be afraid to stand for your beliefs, even if your beliefs oppose the crowd.

But speak in love,

Act in love,

Persuade with love,

Do all things in love.

And by the way, love is not weak.

Can you even imagine a campaign where only truth was spoken, and the speaking of said truth was done in love- with a sincere desire to show people the truth of the situation, without demoralizing or degrading a fellow candidate? Phew…mind boggling.


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