My Favs

Ever get in a rut? As in the sheer awesomeness of something you’re doing/eating/wearing is enough to make you completely not care about what you may be missing?

Yeah, I’m in one. I’m in several, actually.

So, in true “I’m an over-sharer” fashion, I thought I’d tell you ALL about them!

Without further ado, these are a few of my proverbial favorite things…

This machine:

I honestly don’t remember what I did without my Magic Bullet. Nathan gave it to me for Christmas, and it seriously is used every day. We use it to grate cheese, make pancakes, muffins, scrambled eggs, turn old bread into breadcrumbs, make sauces, and of course…make fruit smoothies, frozen hot chocolate, and milkshakes.

It is so practical because when you are finished using it, all you have to do is quickly rinse off the blade attachment and the one small cup you used. I tired of using my old blender, because I felt I could never clean the blade well since it didn’t detach easily from the main base. Also, it was such a waste of power to use such a large blender for 2 small smoothies. I also look forward to using this versus my large family-size food processor to make baby food for any future children.

So, I’m pretty much crazy about it.

These Booties:

My Aunt Donna gave me these for Christmas, and I am literally over-the-moon for these. It’s doubtful whether I would have survived this brutal winter 😉 without them… I love that they have the little puffs on the side- just for sheer cuteness, but also, they widen so I can tuck pants or leggings into them, then they can be tightened to not allow any cold air in! They fit like a bootie around my toes (without scrunching my toes,) but are soft and flexible like socks. Plus, they have no-slip grippers on the bottom! They are the bees knee’s folks! If I knew a brand, I’d tell you…but I can’t remember. And FYI- googling images for “socks with dangly balls on them…” is not wise 🙂

These Shoes:

 So it doesn’t hurt that the world’s sweetest feet usually reside here, but honestly, I adore these shoes. Lije needed some new tennis shoes, but I was on strike against baby shoes with laces & velcro. Until you have ridden around for an hour with a baby who likes to open & close velcro incessantly, you can’t possibly understand! 🙂 Anywho, I went to a consignment shop looking for something totally unrelated, and found these little cuties. They were only $5.99 and they were 20% off of that…I mean, come on! I had to buy them! They were worth every penny. Thankfully my baby boy isn’t old enough to realize that his mom makes him wear the same shoes almost literally every day. But they’re great- slip on and off, easily washed in the washing machine, and just darn cute.


Those are some of the things that are getting a work-out in our house recently. I’d love to hear about a few of your favorite things… you know, in case I ever get tired of mine. (yeah right!) 🙂


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