It’s All About Perspective…

I type this blog on a broken laptop.

The screen is a little lop-sided, due to one too many toddler incidents.

My husband drives a car with no interior lights, a broken door handle, one missing hub-cap, and torn seats.

I wore a sweater that is over three years old to church tonight.

We have spent maybe $50-75 on clothes for Elijah since his birth. He wears hand-me-downs from friends and family (and looks darn cute in them, if I may say so myself ūüôā )

We live in a “borrowed” home, even though we dream of home ownership.


We have a computer that, although crooked, allows me to blog and keep connected to friends.

We have TWO cars that faithfully get us from A to B, though at times the ride may be rough.

We have clothes on our backs- all three of us- that, although may not be the latest styles, keep us warm and dry.

We are in a warm, beautiful home tonight that, although it may not be ours forever, is ours for now.


You see, I had the biggest AHA moment this week. We were in a service on Monday night at church (revival this week,) and it was like God just whispered it in my ear Himself.

The tears just streamed down my cheeks as the realization, the¬†weight of this truth, hit me. It’s not a new truth to many of you, I’m sure,¬†but¬†it was what I¬†needed- what I continue to need on a daily basis.

God’s provision for our needs may not be in the new…it may be in the sustaining of the old.

The children of Israel didn’t have new clothes every few months as they wandered in the wilderness… God just sustained their old clothes.

And He, in His wisdom, is choosing to sustain many of our “olds.”

Let’s just say I had a radical change in perspective.



2 comments on “It’s All About Perspective…

  1. Merri Holmes says:

    Thanks Heidi…..for this wonderful reminder! You are so right and I’m glad God let you have that AHA moment. We are blessed!!!!!

  2. […] A few months ago, I shared a little information about our¬†laptop and it’s brink-of-death status. […]

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