A Valentine Prayer

I have two awfully wonderful guys in my life…

A big one who surprised me throughout the day with little ways of showing his love.

A little one, who proudly (I’m certain) wore a shirt today that reads “I Heart Mom.” (Nevermind that I dressed him…hehe)

I am finding myself rather humbled at the thought of being their Valentine, however. That’s a lot of love to be blessed with. I have found myself praying throughout the day… Praying that I will be a true valentine.

A wife who is gracious and kind, honoring to her husband, respectful and encouraging to him, admiring and loving him, and only him, forever.

A mother who is patient and forgiving, one who sees the end goal and not the moments’ frustrations, who teaches, guides, encourages, disciplines, and loves without end.

It’s a big challenge- but one that I feel ever so privileged to be able to be a part of!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the loves of my life-

Nathan- As I recently read in a book, “it is my greatest honor in this life to bear your last name.” I love you!

Elijah- You have radically changed my views on just about everything. Your Daddy & I never knew a love like the love we have for you was possible. I love you, sweet boy!



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