Answered Prayer

My God is mighty. He answers prayers.

“Children of God, sing your song & rejoice

For the love that He has given us all.”

I have mentioned, more than once, in different posts here on the ol’ blog, a friend who was struggling to conceive. It had been a year and eight months, many ups and downs, disappointments, dashed hopes, and tears.

Well, I recently received a call.

The call.

She is expecting! I love her dearly, and I love that little baby already. Our prayers are now turned towards a healthy pregnancy & healthy baby.

All of this baby-talk has given me “baby fever.”

No, not that baby fever! I’m not thinking of another baby yet, but it has made me reminisce about the days when my toddling, running, jumping, food devouring, chattering boy was a baby.  A tiny palm-sized baby fluttering around in my tummy, and a newborn baby lying asleep on my chest.

I wrote the following when I was 39 weeks pregnant (which, for all you people out there is almost TEN months of pregnancy… people always tell you “9 months of pregnancy…” – no, it’s not 9 months at all. do the math! 🙂 )

I was SO ready to see my baby boy, and exactly one week later, due to the fact that the doctor believed our baby was very big, we were induced, and the following day, I met the most precious 10 lbs. & 6 oz. little man I could have ever imagined.

And my, oh my, was he ever happy to be here 🙂

Most, if not all, of you faithful readers were around the 1st time I wrote this, but please allow me to indulge this baby fever of mine… This indulgence is much easier than the real deal.

My First 39 Weeks as a Mommy-To-Be

I think that every little girl, at some point, dreams of being a mommy. Without a doubt, I must say, I was no exception to that rule! Growing up, everything from Barbies to little sisters was called upon to play my “children,” as I practiced for what would undoubtedly be my greatest future role. Well, now it’s almost time to see if all my “practicing” will pay off, and, as I am sure any mother would say, I have learned that already, things aren’t quite the same when you go from “practicing” to “the real McCoy!” Lots of the glamour fades, but is definitely replaced with more love than was ever imagineable. So, here are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned in my first 39 weeks as a Mommy-to-Be…

1. Never would I ever want to go through this without my Husband- I thank God for His plan for our family.

2. Ways I’d planned to one day tell my husband the news vanished with my “positive” test- he got sweaty palms and a shaky voice instead 

3. The food that is AWESOME today will DISGUST me tomorrow

4. Crocs became my backs’ best friends – until the day that my feet became so swollen that the Crocs left dotted imprints in the swelling 

5. Whenever the doctor says “You’ll feel a LITTLE pressure now,” she’s lying! There’s nothing little about it…

6. There are only 2 people whose driving will not nauseate me: Mine and Nathan’s- thankfully he’s included in the short list!

7. Every baby store, outfit and toy will CALL TO ME, trying to convince me that my baby NEEDS it all!

8. Those with awesome birth stories will seldom share, but those with terrible ones are so graciously forthcoming with details

9. Bedtime will get earlier and earlier, but to no avail because I will only be able to sleep a few hours at a time anyway

10. One day I am overwhelmingly confident that I am ready for this whole thing – the next night I will cry myself to sleep with uncertainty

11. Irrational crying not only becomes very rational, but a regular occurrence

 Last but not least, I have to say that this baby, whose face I’ve never actually seen, is so very worth it all!  I cannot wait to meet my son!

There will undoubtedly be many funny stories, frustrations, sleepless nights and fun-filled days to come. The weeks following weeks 1-39 are sure to be full of excitement, so stay tuned! 🙂

Why yes, little one, you were worth the wait.


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