My husband wears the same outfit to work every day. To be fair- it’s a variation of the same outfit.

He has two choices: wear a button-down shirt & tie, or wear a school polo shirt.

That decision practically makes itself!

Polo shirt with school emblem & either navy/brown/khaki pants it is.

Every day. As in EVERY DAY. 5 Days a week….sigh. I try, but it’s a losing battle :). I can buy him all the beautiful ties in the world, but he just isn’t going to dress that way for work. Since he teaches several PE classes like weightlifting, he does sweat and is often running on the soccer field, etc. So it makes sense- but sometimes I get SO TIRED of washing those shirts and pants endlessly.

But it made me think.

He never wonders what he’s going to wear (unless I forget to do laundry! <insert evil laugh> 🙂 ) It’s never a struggle when something doesn’t “come together” for him. It always comes together. The only thing he has to do is make sure it isn’t wrinkled.

It’s minimalistic. Which happens to be a trend these days. I guess you could say the hubs is trendy. HA!

-Crystal, at Money Saving Mom always talks about how her wardrobe is very minimal. She keeps a few staple pieces, and just switches what she wears each piece with, to create a new look.

-Stacy & Clinton on What Not To Wear (TLC) are always stressing the importance of buying only a few good quality pieces that can be mixed and matched, as opposed to many cheaper quality pieces that don’t last as long, and are not interchangeable.

So, I am contemplating a closet downsize. Me- the girl who literally went months my freshman year of college without repeating the same outfit! The more that I think about it though, these days- with work and a baby, I am drawn to the same few key pieces, and then I just accessorize differently with scarves, jewelry, etc.

I have made a small step in the right direction…I gave away 2 pieces that I don’t wear anymore. That counts for something, right?

What are your approaches to your wardrobe? Do you live by a strict “buy one, get rid of one” policy, or is your closet full to overflowing? If it’s full, do you REALLY wear all of those pieces? Spill it… 🙂



9 comments on “Minimalist

  1. Taylor says:

    I do have a closet full, but my attire is similar to Nate’s except I am allowed to wear windpants, shorts, and tshirts on certain days (insert my evil laugh). I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes recently. Though not due to a down sizing of the closet but to an enlarging of the waist. 🙂

    • Heidi says:

      haha! lucky 🙂 no shorts or t-shirts, but Nathan is allowed to wear windpants, he just doesn’t like them- he says they’re “too hot…” 🙂 And yes, I have lost many good clothing options for the same reason as you. too bad, so sad! thanks for reading!

  2. I’m also moving more to minimalist approach to my clothing. I went through my closet and drawers and made a throw away pile and a Goodwill pile. I have to admit that I do have a lot of clothes but always go back toward the same old, same old – so why keep them!?!? My husband’s job is the same…but he wears ratty work jeans and a t-shirt every day – he has a pile of work pants and a pile of work shirts – easy peasy for him!! Being a SAHM, some days my wardrobe is my PJs!! ;o)

  3. Merri Holmes says:

    Yes, my closet it full to overflowing and NO I don’t wear all those pieces!!! Am trying to downsize too and your words have encouraged me to give more away!!! We have been going through this thing at home…..I tell everyone to look around and pick out 10 things all at once that you don’t want or need…..could be clothes, papers, trinkets collecting dust, etc. BUT find them and get rid of them all in one day and VOILA! You have helped your house to lose weight! 🙂 We are trying to de-clutter our lives! Simple has got to be better. 🙂 Just think if we did that every day…10 things!

  4. Hannah Mora says:

    David and I are living tightly so I do have quite a bit of clothes (thrift shopping), but I catch myself also mixing and matching all of my outfits to make it look like I have more. haha Plus when we go to the mission field I’m sure I definitely won’t be shopping as much. = )

    • Heidi says:

      yeah- that’s the tough part. If you only have a few key pieces, generally they are pricey! I have lots of cheaper items too. And you will have fun finding fabrics and having pieces made on the mission field! 🙂
      thanks for reading!

      • Hannah Mora says:

        Oh most definitely! Can’t wait to be overseas. I remember you were an MK. = ) I enjoy reading your posts.

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