My Sweet Ride

I just found this post, drafted from last summer, but never published. I thought it was funny. Life’s ironies kind of funny.  Funny in a “phew, I’m glad that day is over” kind of way.  Thought I’d share it with you now.

No- this is not a wanna-be-teenager post about a new car.

This is a post about my day. My crazy day that ended in a sweet ride home- ok, so sweet isn’t exactly the right word unless you’re me & you tend to use a perpetual bit of sarcasm when you speak- then it works. But read on- you’ll see..

We were at the lake. Yesterday was yummy lunch, relaxing swimming, delicious dinner & a fabulous late night dessert. Our bed was comfy & Baby E was sleeping soundly in his pack-n-play in the corner of the room.

Enter 5:15 AM- aka “Beginning of Crazy Day”

Baby E woke up at 5:15 AM as he typically does, ate & closed his eyes like he was going back to sleep, as he typically does. Right… He was just yanking the ol’ chain…He never went back to sleep. Ok, we can jump that hurdle. Moving right along- with tired, burning eyes.

We were supposed to take the boat to get breakfast around 8 AM, so at about 7:45 ( a sweet 2 1/2 hours after we woke up,) we meandered outside of our room. No one else was out and about yet, so we just walked down to the dock to swing for a few minutes. We noticed it was starting to sprinkle- kink in the plans #2- no breakfast boat trip due to inclement weather.

As we were swinging, the hubs proclaims that he needs to go back up to the house because his stomach is hurting. Hurting as in- diarrhea- as in, I can’t get up off the throne diarrhea. Kink in the plans #3. I guess the Lord knew we didn’t need to be out on a boat in the middle of a lake after all…

Well, we were at the lake, with best friends, and I was determined to have a good time, so Elijah and I went back out to the porch. We watched TV, hung out with our friends, ate some yummy leftovers and had a nice time. Every now and then, Nathan stuck his head in to say hey, trying to be friendly- only to promptly revert to the loo.

Well, at about 2 in the afternoon, after E wouldn’t even take a nap, I heard a noise.

A loud, fateful noise.


It wasn’t a cat with a furball either. It was Nathan.

Kink in the Plans #4.

I immediately went to my friend and told her we were leaving. I am a self-proclaimed germophobe, and I am not going to subject other people to some flu bug when they have been so kind as to share their home with my family.

So I quickly packed my stuff, Nathan’s, and E’s stuff by myself. I took the sheets off the bed, gathered the towels, and did whatever I could to minimize the contact our friends would have to make with our germs.

But they didn’t care. They helped us pack the car, watched Elijah while I worked, and even moved the car for me since I was afraid to back up. They were wonderful- and I left in tears.

About 10 minutes down the road, I stopped and bought some Pepto Bismol for Nathan. He, against his will, drank some and fell asleep with a vomit bowl in his hands. After fighting sleep for about 36 hours, Elijah slept the whole way home.

As for me? I spent the ride home in blissful silence. I chose the music I wanted to choose, I snacked on some cookies, and I thought about the wonderful friends we have.

Friends who not only wanted to be with us when things were peachy, but helped me out in the tough times. True friends.

I guess the ride home really was sweet.

(In an ironic sort of way 🙂 )


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