How Beautiful

My husband loves my feet. He tells me so often. They’re pretty average, I suppose…in a not-so-average kind of way.

You know- 10 toes, a couple of heels, 2 regular arches. But…

-When I get even slightly cold, my left pinkie toe goes numb.

-I wear a size 11 shoe…and yes, I know that if my feet were small, I’d look funny and potentially topple over 🙂

-My toes go down in a perfect stair-step from my big toes to my pinkie toes on both feet. 

-My feet swelled to the point of my husband calling me Sherman Klump during my pregnancy with Baby E. (The picture below was taken 3 days after E’s birth and they still were so large and painful- unrecognizable almost!)


They’re great really- they have carried me many wonderful places in my life, and they haven’t once complained about the amount of walking or work that was involved.

Even after going through immense swelling and discomfort during my pregnancy, they bounced right back and are just as strong as ever.

So it made me start thinking…

What makes feet beautiful? I mean really beautiful.

The Bible says, in Isaiah 52:7, that the feet of those who are taking the Gospel of Christ to others are beautiful feet. So what would a Biblically beautiful foot look like?

I imagine that…

-Even when things are really painful, a beautiful foot presses on to make its’ most important delivery.

-A beautiful foot probably has many stories to tell of the places it has been and the people it has told of the Gospel.

-Regardless of the size or shape that it was given, a beautiful foot knows its’ worth to its’ Creator- worth that comes through fulfilling its’ purpose.

So, I was left with only one option:

To ask myself if I am a beautiful foot. Do I press on no matter the pain when I know that a soul without Christ is involved? Do I have many stories to tell of Christ’s ability to change a life via my faithfulness to tell about Him? Do I find my beauty and worth through fulfilling His commands?

I’m afraid I have a lot of “beautifying” to do.


4 comments on “How Beautiful

  1. Sheryl says:

    Fantastic post!!! Heidi–I think our feet have many things in common. Size 11s and they’re each smaller than the next one. Love you!

  2. Lauren says:

    Beautifully put! 🙂

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