In general, I am not the “natural” type.

If there is…

-Make-up to cover it,

-Clothing to flatter it, or

-Medicine to heal it,

I’m in.

As much as I admire those that do, you won’t find me hunting for herbs in the woods, or flipping through a home-remedy manual. It’s just not my “thing.”

BUT… this week I have struggled with a wicked bad sinus infection. My forehead feels like it it splitting open from the pressure. Normally I would go to the doctor, but we already have an appoinment (E’s 16 month, immunization follow-up) for next Wednesday, and I refuse to go to the doctor 2 weeks in a row and pay for both appointments!

SO…I wrangled up my inner natural instincts. My mom, a few years back, recommended that I use a “Neti Pot” when I had a bad cold. She even bought me one, being the great mother that she is. So I pulled that bad boy out, mixed up some warm saltwater, and poured it, via the neti pot, through my sinuses. It burned like the dickens (and no, I have no idea what “the dickens” means.) Almost immediately, the pressure in my sinuses lessened, and I could breathe more easily. Apparently, the salinity helps to break up the mucus that is causing the sinus pressure. There are also saline solutions sold for Neti Pots. (I did my research, ya know?)

Needless to say, I was feeling encouraged by my little venture into the medical realm. I remembered that a few months back, my mother-in-law was struggling with back-to-back sinus infections. When she mentioned this to a co-worker friend, her friend recommended a home-made “system cleanser” that is supposedly great for sinus infections. My MIL had such success with this cleanser that I figured, based on my neti-pot success, why not try it? All I can say is that it tastes terrible. Terrible I tell you…but I wasn’t surprised based on the way it looked.

Long story short, yesterday, I started using the “cleanser.”  The jury is still out as to whether or not it is doing anything for my sinuses, but I am going to stick it out. I am feeling better than I was about 3 days ago, so…maybe it’s working?

Now don’t get carried away- I still am not considering diving into herbal medicine. Don’t call me to ask if it’s the leaves with the flat leaves, or bumpy leaves that, when ground into a paste, will heal skin rashes… 🙂 Kidding of course. But I guess you could say I have at least dipped my big toe into the world of home remedies.

Any ideas? Should I be pouring the saltwater into my sinus cavities and drinking the cleanser simultaneously, while doing a handstand over a vaporizer in a field of lavender? Or maybe that was for the flu?! 🙂

Oh well, gotta go- a small, favorite person of mine, is calling to me from his crib.


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