We’re still holding hands when we’re walking, acting like we’ve only just met…

On this day, four years ago…

I married my best friend.

And what a wonderful, at times crazy, four years it has been.

We argue, we make up, we laugh together, we cry together, we share corny jokes together, we work together & play together.

We love each other. So much.

So, to celebrate, every year we try to get away for an overnight trip. Just to have some alone time. We take turns planning each year, so that it’s a surprise for one of us. I have the even years, so this year it was my turn to plan!

Last year, since it was our 3rd anniversary, it seemed only fitting to take our 3 month old along with us… Kind of a “Baby Makes 3” theme going on. But this year, Baby E stayed with grandparents.

And it was nice.

We had forgotten how to eat slowly at restaurants, how quickly we are able to get out of the car when a carseat is not involved, and how easy it is to use a public restroom without a stroller in tow.

We stayed at a wonderful hotel, saw a movie together, ate at some delicious restaurants, did some shopping, and just enjoyed relaxing together.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Nathan. I love you with every bit of my heart…

Anniversary Dinner at “The Cheesecake Factory”


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