One Less Stressed Out Girl…

Pardon the corny Bieber-esque title… I couldn’t resist!

I have read so many posts on facebook recently about people who are “stressed out” by gift-wrapping. Not shopping, not choosing what to buy, not wondering how to afford the item, but WRAPPING it! What? I LOVE to gift wrap.

I didn’t always though. When we first got married, I had saved all the gift wrap that we had received and it was all stuffed into a giant plastic bin in random order, no rhyme or reason. It was messy and crunched up looking… It was not inspirational to say the least!

About a year ago, I had reached my limit. (pathetic that it took me 3 years, huh?) Anyway, I created a system that has worked so well for me this past year. It makes me excited when I have an occasion to wrap for, because I know that I have what I’ll need, and I know where to find it!

So, I thought maybe it might help some of you!?

I bought 5 light green clear storage bins. (It was admittedly a bit of an investment in the beginning- probably close to $30 for all 5, but SO worth it now!)


Here are my 5 bin categories:

1. Tissue Paper & Bows/Ribbons (separated by color)

2. Birthday/Any Occasion Bags (like just plain color bags)

3. Shower Bags (wedding, lingerie, baby – you know, ’cause one thing leads to another…)

4. Christmas Gift Bags/Small Christmas Boxes

5. Gift Boxes (broken down)

I threw the picture above in there for scale, so you could see that the bin for gift wrap boxes is twice the depth of the others… or maybe I put it in there just to show off my handsome helper. I’ll let you decide.

Anyway, I hope this helps. It’s a system that has GREATLY helped me! The only thing left on my “wishlist” is one of those tall bins made for holding rolls of wrapping paper. I am hoping to snag one in clearance after Christmas this year. Right now, my wrapping paper just stands up next to the bins. But it works!

Merry “Very Organized” 2 Days ‘Til Christmas!



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