Nasty Bugs & Societal Norms

48 hours ago I woke up with a nasty bug…

A big, black, hairy spider would’ve been preferred over this bug. This bug had me curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor not sure whether to sit on the toilet or hover over it- if you catch my drift.

Well, it has finally left me. But it’s one nasty booger, and it has now attacked my sweet Baby E. Can you believe that? Of all the terrible things…

He has been coughing like crazy & has had diarrhea. Pobre, pobre bebe. But he has still been as sweet as ever. It’s amazing how things just don’t seem to get babies “down” the way they do us. Or maybe it’s just me? 

It got me thinking about societal “norms.” I guess that’s what you’d call it… For instance, I always wonder if Elijah thinks that his dirty diapers smell bad. I mean I am not even sure what/how much he smells, and how does he know that poop is a “bad” smell unless I teach him that by laughing and saying “Pew! Did you smell that- shew!” 🙂

And does he know that it’s not normal to have diarrhea? I mean, sure he doesn’t have it every day, but how does he know it’s not something that everyone has every now and then?  Do we teach children to be pitiful when they are sick by coddling them and asking them constantly how they feel?

Sorry if somehow this post turned into a rant about feces. it wasn’t intentional. I Promise. But wait a minute- I blame society for leading me to believe that somehow talking about feces is inappropriate…

Just Kidding!

Merry 5 Days ‘Til Christmas!

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