Stocking Makeover Part 2

The stockings are finished! I have wanted to monogram those suckers for as long as we have owned them, but haven’t known exactly what I wanted to do to monogram them.

I did a lot of googling of different methods for monogramming felt effectively. There were a lot of handstitched methods, some that were made by applying gros grain ribbon, and some that were just painted- either free-hand or stenciled. So, I went with the last, and, what I thought would be, the easiest method- the paint.

-I already had charcoal colored craft paint in my craft supplies.

-I had previously bought stencil paper for another project, but didn’t end up using it, so I had that for this project.


  1. Paint
  2. Stippling brush (borrowed from a friend)
  3. Stencil Paper
  4. Stockings
  5. Printed letters from computer
  6. X-acto Knife

I started by printing off the desired sized letters for our stockings. Then I traced over them onto the stencil paper. Using the X-acto knife, I cut out my letter stencils. Then I simply stippled the paint over the stencil and onto the stockings.

Super simple & total cost? Zero dollars!

If you did not have the supplies I listed, this project would cost you around $5 total… My stencil paper was $2.99 from Wal-Mart,  & my paint was $0.97 from Hobby Lobby. You can get inexpensive paint brushes at Wal-Mart & Hobby Lobby easily for $1. The X-acto Knife is not an absolutely necessity- a straight razor, box cutter, or paring knife would work easily on stencil paper.

I am LOVING the final product & the fact that these will be used for many years to come! And I am LOVING being able to cross this project completely off of my holiday list.





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