Stocking Makeover, Part 1

Our Christmas theme this year is “Handmade Holidays.”  Nathan and I are attempting to make most, if not all, of our gifts with our own two, er…four hands! Some are turning out to be a little more difficult than I anticipated, some are more simple than I originally thought they’d be.

I decided to go with the handmade theme for two reasons:

     1. I am totally into the DIY blogs, Pinterest Challenges, etc., and I love that it’s totally “back in style” these days to try and MAKE things that you may have ordinarily just purchased, or to take a vintage/used piece and revamp it into something new and special.

     2. We are on a TIGHT budget, and homemade fits the bill!

So, in keeping with the theme, I thought I’d share my first mini holiday makeover with you. This one is not a gift, but something for our Lije.

Nathan grew up in a family that goes ALL OUT for stocking stuffers, so it was only natural that they had HUGE stockings. Well, when we got married, we found the biggest stockings we could & hung those puppies up!

Then came Lije. Last year, we used a UNC stocking that we had, but didn’t really like the look of 2 huge red stockings hanging up with a light blue Tar Heel stocking in the middle. So, we started looking for a stocking for E this year that would match ours, but just be a small version for now.

I thought this would be easy since we have the most generic stockings ever! Plain red felt with a white felt top. Nothin’ fancy! But seriously, I couldn’t find them anywhere in town!

So, I bought this one for only 97 cents at Wal-Mart today.

Stocking Before

It was pretty close to our others, but had the little scalloped edges & red/green/gold piping around the bottom that wasn’t really our style, or very boyish for that matter.

-So, I ripped the seams on the piping & removed that first, which left the stocking in two pieces- the red foot part & the top white part.
 -Then I carefully cut off the scalloped edge.
-Next I used some “stitch witch” and my iron to attach the two parts back together, with the red foot part tucked inside the white.
-Once the two parts were attached with the stitch witchery, I just hand stitched the two parts together down the edge for reinforcement.
It’s not too dramatic, and it’s not exactly completely home-made, but it was one small step against spending too much for something I could just do on my own with a little creativity!
E’s Stocking After

Family Stockings:


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