Musings On Aging, Disney Movies & Friends

I am getting old, and it’s happening quickly… There is lots of evidence, so no trying to argue with me.

The other night in youth group, we were just chatting with the teens. No real in-depth conversations or anything,  just having fun. One of the teens had drawn a vulture (I know – random) on our board. It was a really good drawing, so I complimented him on it, which got the attention of all of the other teens.

Nathan looked at me and just kind of quietly said, “That looks like those vultures from…oh, what’s that movie?”  Then at the same time, we both said, “The Jungle Book!”

Well, almost simultaneously, one of the teens shouted, “Hey! That looks like the vulture from that movie “Horton Hears a Who!”

Seriously? The generational gap is growing so fast, sometimes I feel like I’m plummeting. We even had 1 or 2 kids in the youth group who had NEVER even seen “The Jungle Book.”  Oh well… I guess it’s their loss- they’ll never know the joys of those good ol’ Disney VHS classics (oh and the new digitally remastered versions do not count.)

But wait- there’s more! Remember how your parents would always say, “Some of the friends I made in college are still the best friends I’ve ever had…” And, amidst all of the high school drama, you rolled your eyes because you were sure your HS friendships would last FOREVER.

Well, sometimes I can barely remember who I graduated with from High School, or even what year I graduated. And yes, I know that’s pathetic, since it’s only been like 6 1/2 years.

But those friendships from college are so special. So I thought I’d share one of them with you! 🙂 My friend Alicia and I started college together the same year. We played volleyball together, took most of our classes together, got married around the same time, and had our first babies 1 month apart- both BOYS whose names are different, but are both “nicknamed” Eli! 

Sadly, Alicia lives in South Dakota.

But get this! Her grandma lives in the same city we live in! So, I have been lucky enough to see Alicia & her sweet boy 2 times this year! It has been so special. I am still crossing my fingers for her to come move into her Grandma’s Farmhouse one day- and live a mile down the road from me! 🙂

Us with our Babies- 8 & 9 Months Old (I think)

Moral of the story?
Life moves FAST.
The things you grow up with won’t be “in” forever.
Friendships can be forever- if you work at them.

13 & 14 Months Old- Growing So Fast!

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