My Smashing Little Man

Cake Smashing that is…

Dig really deep for me here & try to REALLY believe with all of your heart that late really & truly is better than never. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow this post was “drafted” and not posted, and I am quite sure by now that it has served it’s full term, so it’s time to bring it on home.

Doesn’t everyone celebrate birthdays 3 months late?

So, without further ado, Elijah’s 1st birthday.


The little man is now quite a cake connoisseur. He has tasted:

-Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting,

-Vanilla cake with fondant & chocolate frosting &

-Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.

All of which were effortlessly destroyed in a matter of a few minutes.

And now, some pictures of the sweet birthday boy for your viewing pleasure!

The Cake I made for Baby E & his sweet cousin Charlotte. I was determined to make his birthday cake, so I went with a caterpillar because it could look girly & boyish too! I loved it… This would be the “chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.”
Cake #1

 The prompt demolition of Cake #1.

Mom, you sure this is OK?

 Time for a little cupcake action. Little basketball cake from his Mimi’s family (the hubs mom.)

Cake #2

And of course, this one didn’t last long either. Apparently, fondant with chocolate frosting on a white cake really hit the spot too.

Want some?

And lastly, cake #3. Vanilla on White cake. This too was destroyed, but you’ll have to take my word for it…camera battery died.

Doggy Cake from Great Grandma (Nanny)

We really are blessed to have this little fella in our lives. He is a happy, excitable, silly, loving baby boy.

Happy Late Birthday, Sweet Lije!


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