They say you should never look back…

…they aren’t mothers of toddlers.

Yesterday morning, I took my toddler, Sweet Lije, out for a morning of our traditional Mommy’s-day-off  “pajama explorations.” We don’t change from our pajamas. We just bundle up and go outside for some good, old fashioned, FREE nature as our entertainment.

Yesterday’s highlights? A large pile of leaves perfect for jumping into, some water in old flower pots that had frozen over, and a few rocks (gravel from our driveway.)

Well, my sweet baby, who is now not only walking, but running, was running up the driveway away from me. He was having a blast, not a care in the world… He had gotten about 50 or so feet away from me & I was just hanging back, taking in the wonders of having a child growing up so fast & feeling a bit emotional at the fact that my sweet boy was growing up so quickly.

Then all of a sudden, he stopped running and turned around with a look of nervousness on his face. He realized I was still there & a big smile crept across his face. I smiled and said “I’m still here. Go ahead!”

He grinned and ran right off.

I stood there a few seconds longer, reveling in these days when my baby boy still looks back for my approval & longs for my presence.  

One day he’ll step out on his own & he won’t have to look back & make sure I am still there…

But, for now, knowing Mama is there is enough. And I like it.

Now presenting:

My Pajama Explorer, complete with Dino Hat, Puffy fleece jacket, PJ pants & worker boots… We do it up right around here, y’all! 🙂 

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One comment on “They say you should never look back…

  1. Merri Holmes says:

    Ok this one made me cry!!!!! God sure knew what He was doing when he made us to be mothers….it’s got to be the BEST feeling in the world! 🙂

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