…it is DECEMBER!


How in the world did that happen??

Needless to say, I fell behind… like the backside of an elephant- hugely behind!

So, here’s the schpeel (in keeping with the southern drawl of “y’all,” that little schpeel ditty…you can pronounce that “spill,” if it’s really throwin’ ya!)… Thankfulness posts, or bullets, numbers 27-30.


I am so thankful for a particular friend of mine. I will not say her name, but if she is reading this, she knows who she is! She is going through a tough time right now, trying to start a family. Last night at church, our preacher taught on the “fellowship of sufferings” that we have as believers- and how we can encourage each other, cry with each other, and just be there for each other because we have the common thread of Christ.  She is that friend for me. We laugh together, we cry together, we encourage each other, and I know that I can always ask that of her. I pray she knows that she can always ask that of me! I cannot wait for the day when God gives her a bundle of joy all her own! I love you dear friend…


I am so thankful for chocolate. I know it’s silly, but I really am y’all! 😉


I am so thankful for the ability to blog about my feelings & thoughts. At this particular time, I have 1 follower 🙂 (Shout-out to you, my follower! Woop Woop!!)  Partly because my thoughts and feelings aren’t hugely important to anyone but to me, but it’s also partly because I am too embarrassed/nervous to publish my writings on any social networks for anyone else to read! ha  But I am still so enjoying blogging about everything… whether important or not!


Lastly, to wrap up this little project, I am thankful to have had all of these things to be thankful for, and to still have ideas that weren’t even used. I am truly blessed!

Happy November & Merry December Y’all!


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