He still needs me, right?

Thankfulness Day #24

Yesterday, after 14+ months, I finally weaned my sweet baby boy completely off of breastfeeding. We started probably 4 months ago, just gradually removing feedings so that the ending wouldn’t be so taxing on my body or on my son. Like  a lot of breastfeeding moms, I was determined that I would BF until E was one year old, then we’d stop cold turkey & be done with it…and I was SURE I wouldn’t be sad- after all, it was such work in the beginning to stick with breastfeeding.

Well, E’s 1 year birthday came and went, along with my self-imposed weaning deadline. I had already weaned him down to only breastfeeding first thing in the morning and at night right before bedtime. Neither of which was interfering with my schedule at all, so I saw no reason to stop. Well, a few weeks ago, I had to be out of town for some reason, so the evening feeding was dropped that night, since my husband was home with E. So we were down to 1 feeding a day.

So, why stop on Thanksgiving Day, of all days? Well, I knew that my husband and I would both be home for almost 5 days with baby E, so that it wouldn’t be a case of ripping him up out of his crib and rushing off to work- without him understanding why he wasn’t being nursed. So we stopped yesterday, and gave lots of extra milk & yogurt, along with cartoons, cuddles and kisses.

Our efforts were successful! Yesterday morning there were a few tears & yanks at Mommy’s shirt :), but today seemed much less eventful- almost as if he already understood.

So, I have shed my tears… and desperately tried to convince myself that I am still very needed by that sweet baby. But oh the joy of being able to breastfeed my son… I wouldn’t trade the snuggles and the feel of him being up against my chest- wanting and needing only me.

It truly is one of the most awesome, wonderful things I have ever been privileged to be able to do. I guess Thanksgiving was the perfect day to stop really- the perfect day to remember how thankful I am for having been able to nurse my sweet boy for over 14 months.  

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