All Cries Will Be Monitored…

Today, for Thankfulness Post #21, I am piggy-backing on an idea from a friend’s blog. I am ever so thankful for this same thing, however, I had never thought of putting it in my thankfulness blog posts. It’s just this kind of thing that reminds me why I am doing this “Thirty Days of Thanksgiving” project. My friends and family members also doing this project are reminding me of things that I have to be thankful for, and hopefully vice versa.

So, after much anticipation, what is this thing that I forgot to be thankful for? Drumroll please…

I am thankful for our Baby Monitors.

Without Baby Monitors, I am certain that I would be dead from 14 months of sleep-deprivation brought on by “I can’t sleep because what if he cries, and I don’t hear him, and he needs me, but I’m not there….” -insert tossing and turning-

I mean, seriously, what a blessing to be able to sleep peaceably in my room at night, while knowing that my sweet boy is sleeping soundly in his cozy crib. We are so lucky these days, huh?

Thank you Baby Monitor for the sleep you have allowed.

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