Fallin’ Hard

Thankfulness – Day #18

I grew up in Africa- the West Coast to be exact. In West Africa, we have two seasons: Hot & Rainy and Hot & Dry. The year is split about half and half- one half without rain, the other with. Not much excitement there…

Now I live in North Carolina. Here we have 4 seasons- 3 glorious seasons & Winter:).

Dreary Winter- cold…dead grass.

Beautiful Spring- a slight breeze blowing the warmth of a seemingly new sun around while the dogwoods are blooming pale pink blossoms.

Wonderful Summer- hot, hot, hot! perfect beach weather, with a light cooling rain every now and then to maintain sanity.


Fabulous Fall- beautifully colored trees lining streets with pumpkin-laden front porches. A slight crispness in the air- that ever so slightly bites at your nose & ears. Family get-togethers, Fall Festivals, Hayrides & S’mores. It’s all Fall, Y’all…too much?

Well, you get the picture! And I mean seriously, look at this street (and try to imagine this picture being shot by a $1000+ Nikon & not my cheap camera phone)…it’s MY street! And I am not a millionaire living in Hollywood, folks! This is rural NC in the fall. 

Ain’t that a sight for summer-sore eyes? I am thankful to be living in a 4-Season kinda place…


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