Chocolate Chocolate Chip Quick Bread

Shew- that’s a mouthful to to say…whatever! Tonight, Day #16, I am thankful for it! Chocolate Chocolate Chip Quick Bread that is…

It’s not so much that I am just in love with the bread…don’t get me wrong, I AM in love with the bread….but it’s so much more!

You see, for months now- and I do mean months, our oven, aka Mrs. Oven, has been on the fritz.  It won’t heat up properly, and when it does, it will cut off mid-cooking cycle. It was SO frustrating… It literally dictated what we could eat for our meals. We were grilling when we didn’t want to, and opting for more stir-fried options than I care to admit.

WELL, today, our landlord scheduled a tech to come and fix the oven. And, to the tune of nearly $400, it is fixed!

And to celebrate, I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Quick Bread. And it was so tasty…and it baked at the right temperature, for the whole entire time, and the bottom didn’t burn from too high a temperature, and the top didn’t get hard because it had to sit in the oven for too long, and…well, you get the idea.

It was perfect.

A delightful celebration of blessing #16!

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