A Rarity


Today I am thankful for my job. And I mean, I am not just thankful for it, I actually LIKE my job! Pretty rare, huh?

Before Baby E came along, I was a teacher in the public school system, making $30,000+ a year (not an enormous salary, but for a family of 2, both working, it was more than sufficient.) We lived comfortably, eating out when we pleased, shopping when the mood would strike, and taking nice weekend overnighters together whenever we wanted to.

Then I got pregnant, and we, through much prayer, decided that I needed a different job, or no job at all. Both my husband and I believe very strongly that our child is our #1 priority, and dropping him off every day from 7-4 just wasn’t an option.

So, we prayed and prayed, and God opened a door for me to be part-time at the same school where my husband was employed. My job not allows me to not only work part-time hours only 3 days a week, but to TAKE MY SON WITH ME to work! It is such a blessing…I am able to utilize the social, working side of my brain, without ever having to “turn off” mommy mode. I love it!

I am making less than 1/4 of what I was previously…but I am ecstatic with my position. Every day, toting my baby boy on my hip & teaching a class at the same time, I am reminded of the goodness & faithfulness of my God.


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