Lords of the Land

Day #14

Today I am thankful for our sweet landlords. Early on in this blog, I mentioned that our housing situation was “a story for another post…” Well, I think this is that post.

My husband and I are both teachers at a local Christian school. When we were first offered the position, we were living out of town and were hesitant to accept because we didn’t know about housing arrangements.  Then one of the administrators informed us that there was some “teacher housing” that would be available to us.

Well, my husband graduated from this school, and he knew what the teacher housing was. It would be one of the 4 apartments on the school property. Now the apartments are wonderful & we would have been grateful and so blessed to have lived in them. However, I am an immensely private person- and try to give that same respect to others. So, I was a bit nervous about the idea of living on the school property where the students would be in our yard, and (in my mind at least,) peeking in my windows at night! 🙂

Long story short, another administrator from the school mentioned that he had another housing option we were welcome to use. He had, several years before, built a home for his mother next door to their own home. His mother had passed away, and the home was vacant. He and his wife were willing for the home to become part of the teacher housing & we were the blessed recipients.

So we went to take a look at the home and we were so excited. A home, with a private yard, and still only about a mile and a half from the school where we both work! It’s perfect…

Well, since we have moved in, our sweet landlords (also our neighbors,) have taken such good care of us. Their grandson will sometimes mow our yard without being asked (or paid!). When we had a bad winter storm one year, they made sure that if our power went out, we KNEW to bring the baby over and come sit around the fire, and they are kind enough to allow us to personalize the home & even encourage our efforts.

We are truly blessed by and thankful for our landlords! OR, the Lords of our Land! 🙂

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