A Traditional Kind of Post

Well, sure enough…I got behind again! Oh well, if you’ll hang with me, we’ll just keep truckin’ 🙂

Day #13

Today I was reading another blog and was so inspired by a post that was all about “traditions.” And now I can’t find the blog again! Oh the trails I blaze when I get caught up blog-hopping… Anyway, the author was sharing about a trip she recently took to visit her parents. While she was home, her mother taught her how  to make blackberry jam. She was so pleased to have been able to spend that time with her mother, learning something that she can one day pass down to her own children.

That just got me thinking…with the holidays coming up (and no, I am not a “Happy Holidays kind of gal. Without Christ, all you have is “mas,” so if you don’t want to hear me say it, stop celebrating it! I was only referring to Thanksgiving & Christmas together,) there are so many sweet traditions that I hold so dear. 

-I LOVE putting up a Christmas tree with my loves over Thanksgiving Break.

-I LOVE  getting together with my extended family and hearing everyone as we go around in a circle, thanking the Lord for His blessings.

-I LOVE mashed potatoes & rolls…and a holiday where mass consumption of the aforementioned goes un-judged!

-I LOVE sitting with my family on Christmas when my Dad reads the Christmas Story from Luke 2.

-I LOVE knowing that being together is the real gift!

There are so many traditions and memories that I love and hold so dearly and for those, today, I am thankful!




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