#7 & #8

AKA: The first man in my life & my Mama!

Today, I am thankful, so very thankful, for my parents.

They have loved me unconditionally- through many stages in my life…

-The “up all night” newborn stage.

-The stage where I had a various pain or “condition” every night that required much love and attention.

-The stage where I was very chubby & not too attractive 🙂 My sweet mother, bless her heart, insisted that a little blush would help!

-The stage where every comment solicited an eye roll & a “harumph.”

-The stage where I fell in love & left their nest…

They’ve always been there- and they still are- they have welcomed my husband into their family, and are wonderful grandparents to my sweet baby boy.

I know that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without them.


Thank you for teaching me what a real man of God is like, in the way that you loved Mom & provided for and loved us girls. You will forever melt my heart when you call me “shug.” I love you and am so thankful for you!


Thank you for loving me, even though we butt heads sometimes (which Nathan swears is because I am JUST like you!) You taught me to cook, clean & mother- and I will forever be grateful for those things. I love you and am so thankful for you!

Mom & Dad
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3 comments on “#7 & #8

  1. Megan Mattinson says:

    Just catching up on some posts, and, boy, did this one have me laughing!!! “Skrach my bak!!”

  2. Merri Holmes says:

    The famous “handwritten” note! HA HA HA Thank you for keeping us laughing, Heidi! 🙂

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