There were never such devoted…


I love that song, but not as much as I love my sisters. I have three of them- which is such a blessing because it helps me to make up for some lost ground, since it’s already November 9th, and I am only on my 4th thankfulness post. So consider this 4, 5 & 6, since I have 3 sisters to blog about!

Oh and it’s also a blessing just because they’re great! 🙂

Left to Right: Kelsey, Myself, Megan & Katie

She is my only older sister. I always thought I wanted an older brother… Now I don’t know what I would do without her. She is the family event organizer, always give good advice, is one of my best friends, & is a wonderful example of selflessness & a “go- get-‘er” attitude. A saying that I recently saw on her Pinterest page was “Pardon the Mess, The children are making memories.” She teaches her children, and loves them unconditionally- whether the house is clean or not doesn’t matter- it can wait, because she knows that her children won’t always be there.
Meg, I love you & am grateful for you & all that you have done, and the example you have set for me and my little family! 
My fellow “middle child syndrome” sufferer. I remember waiting in Ferke’ with Mom & Dad for you to be born. I remember watching you and checking you out when they first brought you home. You were my ultimate copy-cat, testing my sanity at times :), but you are now one of my best friends. The woman that you have become is amazing… You are so thoughful, and compassionate. I cannot wait to see who the Lord brings into your life so I can watch you become the domestic goddess you’ve always dreamt of being.
Kels, I love you & am so thankful you are my sister!
Katie is the baby…She has trouble focusing 🙂 But we love her anyway. Katie is by far the most funny one of all 4 of us. She is witty & has perfect “joke delivery,” and for that- she understands my husband very well… at times I think, even better than me! She has a kind heart & a gentle demeanor, and I am blessed that she is not only my sister, but my friend. She just started driving, and I can’t believe it. Little Katie- I remember playing the piano with Mom when she went into labor with you, how can you be driving already?? Please be careful out there!
KT, I love you & am thankful you are my sister!
So there you have it folks- My thankfulness posts #4, #5, and #6… Which means I am only 3 behind now! Don’t worry Mom & Dad- you are coming! 🙂
**Photo Credit: Shawna Moore Photography**
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