That time of life…

I’m definitely in it.

Let me explain.

Today, Elijah was playing with my cell phone. He accidentally dialed the number of a friend of mine who lives in Georgia. I hung up the phone before she answered. Then I meant to text her and explain, but, as per the norm these days, I forgot. (I just turned 24 & I am blaming my extra age for the forgetfulness.)

So, a few minutes later, she called me back. The first thing she said…?

“What news are you gonna tell me? Are you pregnant?”

My response: “No, I am not pregnant!”

Ok look, I know I am young & in the baby-making age bracket, that infamous “time of life,” but give me a break! Can’t a girl have a year or two in between babies? 🙂

Because seriously, look at this one:

BTW, The shirt is true!

I am beyond content right now!



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