Haunted :)

I cannot count the volleyball matches I have watched and I cannot count the volleyball matches in which I have played. However, as of tonight, the count for matches I have coached (well, assistant coached,) stands at: 2. That’s right, 2. That would be one JV match & one Varsity match. 

They were good matches & I was very proud of both teams. The girls worked hard. However, as I coached, I was alarmingly aware of two things:

1. I am old, and getting older every day. I played volleyball all through middle & high school and even on into college for a few years.  I was in great shape & could do so many things that I now know I took for granted. I was quicker on my feet, more agile and didn’t have to struggle to block a ball or kill a beautiful set. But tonight was in stark contrast to those days. Tonight, I do believe I became winded sitting on the bench cheering. As both matches were close ones, I was deeply into the game. So much so that when I stood up, my leg and shoulder muscles were tense. Pathetic, I say…

2.  The haunting of adult-hood is in full force. Let me explain. Remember being a kid & hearing lots of good advice & many suggestions for sports, dating, schoolwork & just life in general? Then upon hearing the good advice, there was almost always the inevitable ignoring of the good advice? Yeah, don’t try to say you didn’t do it either! Well, tonight I was again slapped in the face with the memories of “yeah, well I know how to do it better.” I was not typically over-confident, and do believe that I listened fairly well to my teachers and coaches. However, I know there were times- ornery times- when I thought my way was better. Oh, it’s so funny how time (and God) has a way of bringing you full circle. If only I could convince these teenage girls that one day, maybe a day not as distant as it seems, they’ll regret these times of ignoring their “elders.” (That’s right- I rocked the word elders in reference to myself! oh yeah!)

So anyway, it was fun. I enjoyed it. Do I still miss the days when I was playing and not coaching assistant coaching? Sure I do! I think I always will…But for now, God has put me here. It’s time to face the music of the past: I am not getting any younger & in fact, looking back at the mistakes I made, I wouldn’t want to! And embrace the music of the future: I can use my age & growing experiences to hopefully impact this team of young ladies!


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