Wise Mothers & Echoes of Kindness

This past Sunday, our preacher gave an illustration that has really resonated in my mind all week long. It went something like this:

A little boy was out walking when he came upon a cave. He began to shout into the cave,

“Hey!” And then he heard a response, “Hey!”

So he tried again, “What’s your name?” And the response came again, “What’s your name?”

After a few attempts to make this person talk to him, the little boy became frustrated and shouted into the cave, “You’re mean!” And the dreaded response came… “You’re mean!”

The little boy, indignant, marched home & began to tell his mother all about this mean, mean person in the cave.

The mother, a wise woman, told her son to try a different approach. She responded, “Why don’t you go back & say something nice to the person & see what happens then…”

I’m sure you can guess the rest. As an adult & a believer who has had the privilege of studying God’s Word for several years now, I know that kindness reaps kindness. However, as a mother, I am daily challenged with the enormous task of teaching that to my growing little wild child.

This illustration was so timely, such a good evidence of two things to me:

The Lord can & will show Himself even to small children &

A Mother’s heart must always be looking for teaching moments- to share wisdom & draw little hearts to Christ.

What an incredibly awesome challenge.


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