Absence makes the heart…sad

A year after my husband and I were married, we moved. We left the dearest of friends behind, we left our first home full of memories and firsts behind, and we left my side of our family behind.  We moved because we knew the Lord wanted us to be involved in new places and ministries- but believe me when I say that it was a difficult move. So difficult for me.

I struggled settling in at first, but soon, thanks to my new job, I was feeling rather comfortable in our new home, city & ministries.

Then we had Baby E,  and all of a sudden, I am a weepy, family-missing Mama. My husband’s family lives in the area, so thankfully we see them often and Baby E spends lots of time with his Mimi, Poppy and his Aunt, but there are still 2 grandparents, 3 aunts, 1 uncle, and 3 cousins (all from my side of the family) missing in that equation.  

I guess this is life. And well, sometimes life is sad.

That being said, my goal is this…Baby E’s 1st Birthday is coming up and I hope to celebrate that birthday with the following equation:

4 grandparents + 4 aunts + 1 uncle + 3 cousins =

Happy Mommy on Baby E’s 1st Birthday.

Because let’s face it, the other day I received a card from Geoffrey the Giraffe & his Birthday Club letting me know that my Sweet Baby E wasn’t getting any younger…eek! 


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