Dress up & Crusty Banana

Tonight, after putting Baby E to bed, I played dress-up. I was the only one invited, and it really only featured one item of clothing. I got a beautiful, black & white high-waisted, pleated, pocketed skirt today: on sale, with a coupon & a gift card. I know, right? ROCK ON! So I tried that on with several tops, spun around in front of the mirror & reveled in it. I even snapped the obligatory in-the-mirror-self-portrait on my cell phone and sent it to my fashionista sister. Is that bad? I am choosing to think not- because I rarely spend money on clothing anymore, as the budget is tighter than tight. Also, as I mentioned, the baby was in bed already- no abandonment going on here for sake of fashion =).

Anyway- back from the rabbit trail. After I came down from my clothing-induced cloud, I donned my ever fashionable pajamas, finished up a few chores, and sat down at the computer. Here it comes- the “you know you’re a mom when…” moment.

My tank top rubbed up against my chest & it didn’t feel soft and cotton-y at all. Nope, it felt hard and crusty inside. The type of crust you might feel from say, dried up smashed banana, some Gerber puffs that were slobbery & then dried out, or possibly even just snot. GASP! You might be thinking, “How disgusting!” And you are right. You might also be thinking “I am sure she ripped that tank top off and threw it right into the washer!” And you are wrong. Yep, that’s right, I am still wearing it. But it’s all good- I wiped most of the crusties off! 

Let’s face it, this tank top is a lot like life. Sometimes things get a little yucky. We have a choice though- try and get rid of everything in our lives that causes us hardship- forever “kicking against the pricks” God has allowed in our lives, or we can embrace the “yuckies” and realize that those times are in fact, the times we will look back on with fondness. Sometimes you just have to wipe off the muck & get back up again.

Over-dramatization? Possibly…

Laziness glorified? Maybe…

But I am happy- happy to be a mommy covered in dried up smashed banana (I’m telling myself it was the banana & not the snot. Let me think what I want to think, ok?)  


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