Will Work for Children

I recently read a post on John Piper’s blog, Desiring God. The post was entitled “Motherhood is a Calling.” I was SO challenged.

The lines that most resonated for me were the following:

Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling… It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for.

Lately, as my sweet baby boy has become much more mobile, I constantly fight the house cleaning, laundry, stained carpet from baby spit-up, dirty dishes, etc. With a little man into everything, I end up spending most of my time sitting on the floor with him, playing & ensuring that he is safe & happy, while the house often seems to spiral out of control. Then, when Baby E hits the sack at night, when I should be resting on the couch with my blog & a mug of spiced cider, I end up washing dishes, cleaning the carpet, folding the laundry, etc. Sometimes I wish that the house would just go away, so those things would not loom over me.

When I read those two lines from Piper’s blog, however, I stopped dead in my readers’ tracks. Being a mother to that baby boy is not something I “squeeze in” once the dishes are done & the laundry is put away. He is precisely why God has given me this time in my life.

Now, I realize that my God, a God of order, who commands good stewardship of the things He entrusts to us, requires of me that I respect & care for my home as a Proverbs 31 woman should- managing it wisely. That being said, God gave me a child to RAISE- not to babysit, not to watch, and not to supervise. Raising a child requires active involvement, and that is what my days are for.

So, here’s the sitch- you will probably, upon stopping by my home unannounced, find:

-Dirty dishes in the sink 

-A Hamper full of dirty clothes, and

-Perhaps a stain or two on the carpet.

BUT, you will most certainly find (with the Lord’s help, of course!):

-A happy baby boy & a fulfilled mother, spending lots of quality time together, because believe me, time slips away even faster than the proverbial hourglass sand!

As long as God sees fit to entrust me with this baby, and hopefully more babies, I will, just like the title of this post said, Work for Children. I will do however many hours of behind the scenes, late night, tedious work are necessary to spend & relish every waking moment that is possible with my baby boy.

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