Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves- we all have ’em… Go ahead & start conjuring up a mental list of yours- I know you’re thinking about them.

I, by virtue of the fact that I am admittedly a tad bit OCD at times, have many pet peeves. You curious? Ok, I’ll spill ’em, but only one at a time. I don’t want to scare anyone away- I’m a nice person, really!

1- Misspelled words.  A facebook friend of mine wrote this word on facebook tonight: upsurd. Eeeeh! (You have to imagine the annoying buzzer that goes off at the end of a ball game, but somehow gets stuck and no one can figure out how to turn it off, and it goes on so long that people are leaving the gym with their ears covered tightly: that’s what “eeeh!” represents.) I can only assume that “upsurd” was meant to be “absurd.” Which I find incredibly ironic…I mean really, that spelling is UPSURD!


Ok, so go ahead- it’s scavenger hunt time- start looking. For what, you ask? Well, I am quite certain that you’ll find at least ONE misspelled word on this humble blog of mine. But rest assured, it will not be for lack of proof-reading, scouring, re-proof-reading, etc, etc (you catch my drift?) I told you I was OCD… Anyway, when you find one, leave me a comment & let me know- it won’t hurt my feelings. Believe me, I’ll change it- because a world with fewer misspelled words would be a much better place.



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