Battle of the Will

Recently, my husband and I watched the movie “Life as We Know It.” The premise of the movie was that a husband & wife passed away in a car accident, leaving behind their 1 year old daughter. In their wills, they “left” their daughter to her godparents- who happened to be neither a couple, nor even friends. Long story short, they took care of the little girl & (spoiler alert->) ultimately fell in love & married…

The movie got this Mama & Dada thinking about wills. We’re still just in the “thinking” phase- haven’t started “doing” anything yet, because honestly, I can’t get past the thinking without tearing up & having to mentally re-direct.

I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to being a mother, however, the thought of someone else being “mother” to my baby, knots my stomach. It’s just, for obvious reasons, not the most pleasant thought. Both my husband & I have wonderful parents, aunts, uncles & friends. But how do you decide who is the right fit for a child that fits YOU so perfectly- because he is PART of you.

This is the hardest inner struggle I’ve had in my life. If I passed away, I am 100% confident that my son has a father who loves him with the dearest sacrificial love, and will be parent enough. But BOTH of us being gone? It’s too hard to even think about…

So that’s where it stands. I suppose it is a battle- of the worst kind- an inner battle- fighting for my attention. Ick.

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