When it Rains…

You know the rest.

Let’s just say it has POURED on our household recently, except we haven’t gotten lush, green grass. We’ve gotten abundant weeds- literally.

When I gave up my great teaching position in the public school system to stay home more with my baby, I knew it’d be hard. However, the benefits of being with Baby E- watching him grow & knowing that I am fulfilling one of the greatest roles in life- are SO worth it.

The fact still remains, however, that this “living by faith” is not, in fact, easy.

In a span of 2 weeks,

-Our AC went on strike, requiring a freon addition (I consider it noteworthy that this AC unit has been repaired numerous times already in the 2 1/2 years we have lived here…)

-My sweet husband’s lawnmower decided it had gone face first into more than it’s fair share of weeds, grass and ant hills & thus, it retired.

-The two front tires on our primary vehicle, although still under full warranty, had to be replaced at a steep fee, thanks to an unbeknownst to us “voided warranty” (of course!)

-Our oven has decided that randomly, mid-cooking cycle, or whenever it jolly well pleases, it can stop working and flash random “fault codes.” (Those ornery ovens- urgh)

So, this is a pretty bleak post, huh? You’d certainly think that- except the sun is peeking through the clouds ever so slightly 🙂

-We were able to add freon to our unit for relatively little money.

-My wonderful in-laws helped, over and above what they should have, and we now have 2 new tires & a new lawnmower.

-Now Mrs. Oven (It has to be a Mrs., because she is too downright opinionated to be a Mr.) is still awaiting resolution, and is thoroughly enjoying her new-found power over our cooking abilities. Dinner sounds an awful lot like this:

Me: “What do you want for dinner?”

The Hubs: “Not sure- meatloaf, maybe?”

Me: “What about hamburger patties on the stovetop? That way we don’t have to use the oven for anything.”

The Hubs: “Oh yeah, sounds good!”

And if there happens to be a pan of “exercise-worthy” brownies in the oven, we will take turns getting up to press “Clear/Bake/350” thus temporarily turning off the fault code & continuing the bake cycle.

So, it’s raining cats & dogs around here, but we’re sure there’s a full, maybe even a double, rainbow- right around the corner!

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