See you in the morning…

Every night, when it’s time for Baby E to go to bed, I sit down & rock/feed him in his bedroom. His Dada comes in and kisses him on the forehead and almost always says close to the same thing: “I love you- sleep well…I’ll see you in the morning. Love you buddy.”

Tonight it hit me hard when I heard my husband say “…see you in the morning…” Immediately the proverbial claws came out (calm down, it was only mentally, not verbally or physically! hehe) Seriously though, the first thing I thought was not any one of the following sweet thoughts:

-What a sweet thing to say

-I am so thankful I have a husband who loves his son so much

-I hope he sleeps well too…

Nope, none of those. The first thing I thought was MUCH more endearing…NOT! I thought “Yeah, you’ll see him in the morning alright, and I’ll most likely get to see him in the middle of the night at least once, if not twice! ugh…”

Pretty rotten, huh? I must be honest, E is usually a GREAT sleeper, typically sleeps 8-9 hours, eats, then sleeps another 3 hours. Here recently though, he has gone through either a teething spell, or growth spurt- something!- because he has been very needy in the middle of the night.

Then of course, immediately my conscience kicked in. That was the wrong way to feel, and I knew it. So before you judge me, rest assured, I kicked myself around pretty well already!

I am SO thankful for a healthy, happy baby boy. The fact that he is growing is wonderful, even if it means that he, at the age of almost 10 months, is eating me out of house, home & umm breast? (Is that ok to say in the blog world?)   And even if that eating occurs at approximately 3AM, I will choose to be thankful for seeing that baby one or two extra times- because he is SO worth it!

That’s all folks- Happy Sunday!

The Face that Makes 3 AM Feedings Worthwhile

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