A Mother After God’s Own Heart?

Recently we took our church teens to a Christian summer camp for a week. Supposedly, we take the teens there so that they can be challenged & grow in their walk with the Lord. So why on earth am I so convicted every time we go? ha! The Lord knows…

So this summer was a little different than last. Last year when we went, I was 7 months pregnant and thinking I had it rough…this year I had a 9 month old in tow- and now I know what rough is! Just joking- Baby E did great, but Mama & Dada were worn out after that week!

Along with new “baby in tow” adventures, I had new spiritual challenges on my heart. All week, as I sat through the services, ok better make that, as I walked around with Baby E outside through the services, my heart was so burdened. We love those teens that we take to camp & each year we pray for their spiritual lives & their relationships with parents, friends, etc. But this year, I watched my own son & became so very burdened for him.

I pray that my son accepts Christ as his Savior, grows up to love the Lord & serves Him with all of his heart. However, with that prayer comes a huge enormous responsibility for me. If I do not lead him in the “way he should go” then I have failed him & my Savior. I was just overwhelmed with my responsibility. But the Lord knows all, and as I became overwhelmed, He provided comfort & guidance through my devotions.

I am reading “A Heart Like His” by Beth Moore. The book is about David as well as his “backstory” (as she calls it- in other words the path that led him to kingship.) Therefore, she inevitably spent time talking about Hannah, the mother of Samuel, who later anointed David as King. As you probably already know, Hannah was barren, but she prayed and pleaded with God to give her a son. With that plead was a promise- if God would give her a son, she would give him back. As soon as he was weaned, she would take him to the temple to be reared by priests & serve the Lord there with his life.

Now my heart flutters just reading Hannah’s promise to the Lord- how could she make such a promise? But she did & God honored that promise & gave her a son- Samuel. And as Beth Moore says, she “fulfilled her vow with a mother’s sacrifice.” She kept her promise- and gave the son whom she loved with all of her heart, back to the Lord.

Then came the words that so broke & challenged me in my desire to be a Mother after God’s Own Heart:

Surely while nursing him, Hannah looked into the face of her precious son, and with love overflowing, rehearsed the faithfulness of God in his tiny ears. No doubt he was weaned to know that he was appointed to grow up in the house of the Lord… 

Samuel learned faith from his mother- a woman whose faithfulness evidenced her faith, a woman with compulsory praise on her lips. She met painful sacrifice with a song.

God does not ask of us that we take our children to the temple and leave them there to be reared by priests, but we must give them to God in other, equally important ways.

I was so challenged reading those words. Hannah prayed for a child knowing that she would give him back to the Lord, literally, after only about 3 years with him. I prayed for a child, God answered my prayer, and now he asks that I give him back to Him. Not literally- not on an altar, not in a temple, but in my heart. Baby E is the Lord’s, and as much as is in my motherly heart, I pray that I won’t stand in the way of him accepting & serving the Lord, but that I will show him that way with my faithfulness, praise & sacrifice.

Lord, make me a mother after your own heart… 





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